cloud-kingHave you ever been stuck outside in a rainstorm without an umbrella? What if you could predict such downpours ahead of time, avoiding any torrential soaking? And what if you could not only see future climatic patterns, but start to control the weather itself?

In The Cloud King: Thunder Nuggets and Fog, Ray, a middle-school student, has just moved to a town on the Oregon Coast.

There, he discovers a subculture of people who seem to predict weather changes.

Working on a school project, Ray discovers folk tales of local legends who could even manipulate clouds and control rain. Could any of this lore be based on fact?

Ray tries to answer the above question, but is interrupted by bullies, unsympathetic foster parents, vandalized bicycles, a kidnapping, an about-to-be-tortured puppy, arson, and even a fight over treasure found at a newly-discovered shipwreck on the beach.

With help from four of his new classmates, a mysterious, yet kind man who repairs the dock, two eccentric old ladies, and several storms, Ray’s story unfolds.

As the suspense builds, so does Ray’s ability to predict and even control the weather.

Is it magic?


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