Keith Pascal Interview

Keith Pascal writing juvenile fiction? A fantasy, no less!

I thought Keith Pascal was a martial arts author, focusing on practical self-defense.

Doesn’t Keith (Kip) work with Lee Asher and other famous magicians, and hasn’t he written a magic, how-to book?

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JFR: Are you the same Keith Pascal from the worlds of martial arts and magicians?

Keith: The one and only. (Actually, there are several people with my name, but I do write for the magic community and also for people into safety, self-defense, and advanced martial arts.

JFR: Is this your first piece of fiction?

Keith: Actually, I have written several parables โ€” one about becoming a better magician, one about improving one’s punches, and even one about making more money. This is my first juvenile fantasy.

JFR: What qualifies you to write this book?

Keith: I’m not sure qualified is the correct term for this children’s book, but if I understand what you’re asking, then let’s see … the book takes place on the Oregon Coast; I lived there for seven years, and my wife (of 19 years) is from the coast. As for being a fantasy writer, I have read hundreds and hundreds of fantasy and sci-fi books over the years. My family even owned a bookstore that had an awesome fantasy section.

JFR: This ebook is about clouds and cloud magic, right?

Keith: Yes, it is … with a little self-defense against some bad bullies thrown in. And a shipwreck that might have treasure, and …

JFR: What about clouds?

Keith: What about them? I’m an Oregonian; it rains a lot, here. Plus, my wife, Kate, took a climatology class at the University of Oregon; does that count? ๐Ÿ˜‰

JFR: So, you know about the weather.

Keith: More important, I know about weather folklore.

JFR: For example?

Keith: For example, I know which flowers droop in anticipation of a good rainfall. With little clues like that, and other indicators, it’s possible to predict the weather.

JFR: Wow. Will readers be able to get actual weather predictors, too?

Keith: Of course. Anyone who reads Cloud King will be able to predict the weather better than before reading the fantasy.

JFR: Hmm. The weather magic is from folklore. So, there isn’t any REAL fantasy-magic in the story?

Keith: Did I say that? Actually, there is some fun “weather magic” in the story, and even more folklore in book #2.

JFR: There’s a Cloud King #2?

Keith: Almost. I’m just finishing up the first draft, now. Then on to a second draft, and then it will need to be edited. But soon, very soon. Right now, though, I’m excited about Cloud King #1 … Thunder Nuggets and Fog.

JFR: Where can we read Cloud King?

Keith: You can download it at (Sample pages, too), and now also atย There are also samples on this site. Let me know what you think of the story.



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